Inside counsel explore the benefits and challenges of a matter management system

Steven M. Greenspan of United Technologies Corporation and Frank Orzo of Mitratech Holdings, Inc. break down the usefulness of a matter management system

Frank Orzo, vice president, Mitratech Holdings, Inc.: “Steven, thanks for taking time to share your thoughts and ideas about the benefits of a matter management system for stakeholder collaboration, and the challenges United Technologies faced implementing and maintaining such a system. Let’s start by asking you: What have been the main benefits that UTC has received from using a matter management system?”

Steven M. Greenspan, vice president and chief litigation counsel, United Technologies Corporation: “There are two primary benefits. The first relates to improved communication between us and our outside counsel. The many outside firms who collaborate with us really became partners with us because they view our matter management system as the electronic file. It enables us to track and manage the case from a scheduling, procedural and administrative perspective, both historically and prospectively. It also allows us to manage the strategic aspects of the case to understand what is happening substantively, and to capture in one place the factual and legal issues involved in a matter. It enables me to have a single access point to obtain information and documents. I rely on it daily: Before I have a meeting, I brief myself by going to the matter management system and I am able to quickly understand where the case has been, where it is now, and where it is going.

Steven M. Greenspan

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Frank Orzo

As Vice President of Lawtrac, Mr. Orzo acts as the primary account manager for Mitratech’s Lawtrac client base. Co-developer of the original Lawtrac Law Department...

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