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Hawaii ranks as top state for female equality, job opportunities

August 26th is Women Equality Day, and research shows that there still is a long way to go for equality in the workplace

While fair pay and equal opportunity for women in a professional sense is top-of-mind for many in the U.S. these days, heartening news infrequently trickles in, considering the United States ranks 23rd on the Global Gender Gap Index conducted by the World Economic Forum. While women’s pay is one of many factors when considering the narrowing of the gender gap, studies have examined which states are better serving of women in the professional sphere, and which provide more opportunity, and see more women thrive. WalletHub recently conducted a state-by-state study that looks at salary inequities, and executive leadership by state to find which states in the U.S. have made more progress in career-based equality.

The group found that Hawaii holds the number one overall rank for gender equality with an averaging of number three in workplace environment rank, number six in education and health rank, and number two in political empowerment rank. (Nevada ranks number one for workplace environment, Mississippi for education and health, and New Hampshire for political empowerment.)

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