4 compliance stories you need to know right now

Here are the top compliance, regulatory and whistleblower stories that every attorney should be following

Compliance professionals must deal with an enormous variety of tasks and duties. From managing the supply chain to dealing with state and federal regulators to listening to the concerns of employees who could be potential whistleblowers, the challenges are difficult and varied. The best a compliance department can do is be informed: about new laws, regulation and trends.  Of course, it helps if a company is committed to a culture of compliance which it properly funds. In this way, it can: root out supply chain problems, like those faced by Apple; deal with state attorneys general, like Nevada’s Catherine Cortez Masto; and handle potential whistleblower cases before they become a federal matter. 

Check out the slides for summaries of the biggest compliance stories of the past few weeks, and click on the links for more information!


The benefits of fully funded compliance departments

 supply chain

More supply chain woes for Apple


Wherefore art thou a whistleblower?

Nevada AG Masto 

The ABCs of AGs

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