Contracting efficiency for your legal department in 3 easy steps

Create an easy path between creation, negotiation and review, and you’ll be a star across every department

Efficiency. It’s a beautiful word, but for a legal department juggling what can seem like a countless number of contracts, it can sometimes feel like a myth. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are plenty of best practices that you can easily adopt that will help you develop process standards to boost your contracting efficiency. There are even technologies that will help you create easy-to-use contracting repositories that can empower business users to draft their own contracts! (More on that later...)

First, let’s examine some practical ways that you can drive more efficiency into the creation, negotiation and review of contracts across your legal team. With this information, you can fight the stereotype that legal is an impediment to closing deals and make yourself a star with the sales team.

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Cyndie Cox

Cyndie Cox, VP of Products and Strategy at Prodagio Software, has been focused on improving processes through technology for the world’s largest enterprises for more...

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