Macy’s to shell out $650K, hire outside consultant in racial profiling settlement

Settlement is the result of a New York state probe that followed multiple complaints about the company’s security policies.

It’s perfectly acceptable to judge a potential purchase based solely on its appearance through a Macy’s store window, however, as the retail chain recently found out, judging customers in a similar fashion is not so acceptable. On Aug 20, the New York Attorney General’s office announced a $650,000 settlement with Macy’s that seeks to correct the company’s alleged use of racial profiling against customers.

The AG’s office began investigation into Macy’s security policies following over a dozen complaints of wrongful detention and racial profiling, all of which occurred at the company’s flagship store in New York City. According to reports, Macy’s loss prevention team detained African-American customers traveling between floors with merchandise and repeatedly denied non-English speaking customers phone calls or interpreters in the event of credit card issues, making allegations of fraud instead.

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