They posted what? Protecting your company’s reputation from rogue employees’ social media posts

Social media's ease and instant access can be disastrous to a company’s reputation in the wrong hands

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool. It is easy to post information, share photographs, and best of all, encourage a dialogue with customers — all key to developing a customer base invested in the company’s products. It is this same ease and instant access that can also be disastrous to a company’s reputation in the wrong hands.

Take for example Golden Corral, which last year had an employee post photographs of a manager hiding allegedly expired food out by a dumpster during a health inspection, implying that the food was brought back into the restaurant after the inspection was completed. The photographs went viral.

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Christina A. Stoneburner

Christina A. Stoneburner is a partner in the Labor and Employment Department of Fox Rothschild LLP. She can be reached at

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