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6 creative ways to stay relevant in the job market

In today’s competitive legal market, lawyers must be creative and consistent in their efforts to stay relevant

In today’s competitive legal market, lawyers are more disposable than ever. According to the 2014 Report on the State of the Legal Market by Georgetown Law and Peer Monitor, “The legal market has become much more intensely competitive than it was five years ago.” And according to a recent article in the American Bar Association’s Bar Leader, the legal market has lost 54,000 jobs since 2004.

With fewer jobs and more competition, companies know they can expect more and pay less. While in the past, lawyers could expect consistent promotions and a clear, upward-trajectory career path, today nothing is a given. In order to ensure a successful, rewarding career, it’s more important than ever to keep building your skills and avoid going stale on the shelf. In-house lawyers are especially prone to this as their roles — and skills — can grow stagnant or evolve into an area that is too narrow.

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Monica Zent

Monica Zent is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, businesswoman and attorney. She is the Founder & CEO of Foxwordy as well as Founder of ZentLaw, a nationally-recognized...

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