Barneys New York to hire consultant to prevent racial profiling practices by security

Move follows a nine month probe by New York AG’s Civil Rights Bureau

Following allegations that it intentionally profiled and discriminated against African-American shoppers, high-end retailer Barneys New York found itself on the high-end of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s anti-profiling investigation list. And on August 11, the AG’s office announced that it had reached an understanding with Barneys, with the retailer agreeing to hire outside anti-profiling consultants and to pay $525,000 in cost fees and penalties.

The allegations against the store were brought by two shoppers in late 2013 and alleged that the retailer falsely accused them of credit card fraud. Additional complaints that followed the investigation included allegations that door guards identified minority customers exclusively as warranting surveillance, in-store detectives followed minority customers even when the customers had been identified by sales associates, and that store detectives  disproportionately called sales associates who handled and completed minority customers’ transactions in order to investigate the customers’ credit card use.

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