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Apple, Samsung partial truce shows that even strong disputes often can be settled

“The ultimate goal of the litigation was never really achieved,” Attorney Michael Sandonato said.

There may not yet be peace in the Middle East, but the patent war between Apple and Samsung over smartphone technology has been halted – at least outside of the United States.

"Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all litigation between the two companies outside the United States," the two companies stated, as reported by InsideCounsel."This agreement does not involve any licensing arrangements, and the companies are continuing to pursue the existing cases in U.S. courts."

The legal conflict is a reminder to general counsel at other companies, whether in technology or other fields, how important it is, when embarking on a major enforcement campaign, to remember to delineate what the goals are and how to achieve them, Sandonato advised.

He points out that the case illustrates how expensive patent litigation can be, too. And he says that in patent litigation there seems to always be a chance for a settlement, especially when the dispute is about money. The chance for a settlement is less likely when the issues relate to other factors, such as market share.

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