Top 10 most expensive wage and hour settlements of 2013

The wage concerns that cost companies the most money in 2013

Ask people why they work, and they’re less likely to cite vocational conviction than they are the old practical standby of money. Americans work longer hours than any other industrialized nation, so it’s perhaps not surprising that the money they make can be a touchy subject, and the grounds for some pretty nasty lawsuits.

This past year the Wage and Hour group of the Department of Labor recovered over $249 million in back wages for more than 269,250 workers. But while that figure and the number of lawsuits have increased since 2012, private settlements are down overall. While private settlements totaled $292 million in 2012, they dropped to $248 million in 2013. That being said, some corporations were still on the hook for some pretty massive amounts.


1) $73 million – Bank Of America

3) $29 million – Ecolab Inc.

5) $20.9 million – Rite Aid Corp.

7) $17.5 million – 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc.

9) $12 million – Merrill Lynch

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