Snowden’s recent data warnings spark legal business challenges

The Snowden comments are a wake-up call for businesses about the risks of information leaks in a world of fast-flowing electronic data

In a recent interview, Edward Snowden urged legal professionals and business with sensitive digital client information to encrypt their data.

"What last year's revelations showed us was irrefutable evidence that unencrypted communications on the Internet are no longer safe. Any communications should be encrypted by default," Snowden said in the interview.

Keeping contracts with tight controls over who gets to see what, and secure connections for getting information in and out, will help reduce the risk of leaks. For many companies, lack of visibility into contracts and their terms is one of the main difficulties in assessing the sensitivity of contract data in the first place.

“These terms address issues such as: Have we agreed to specific secrecy measures?  Are we liable if we leak customer information?  Is that liability capped or unlimited?  Are we protected by a carve out for compulsory disclosures to governments or regulators?  Being able to answer these questions makes it much easier to properly assess and manage the risk of leaks and disclosures,” he added.

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