Littler survey indicates despondent employees increasingly willing to sue

Discrimination and wage cases remain top concerns

As a leading labor and employment practice in the United States, Littler Mendelson PC maintains a unique perspective on developments in the space and connections that provide context to broader trends. In this year’s Executive Employer Survey Report, the firm tapped those connections in an effort to learn more about what’s top of mind in the workplace, especially as it relates to employee satisfaction and predilection to sue. Littler found some surprising changes from last year’s survey.

Among the information gleaned from the survey, the team at Littler learned how current economic conditions impacted the workforce. While the recession undoubtedly affected workers, as the United States increasingly distances itself from the events of the financial meltdown, worker disenchantment appears to be paradoxically increasing.

While the report did not postulate what the increase was predicated on, legislative stagnation, the growing gap between the salaries of workers and executives andhigher competition for high-paying jobs likely played a part.

Barry Hartstein, co-chair of Littler Mendelson’s EEO and Diversity Practice, says that the situation is likely the result of a harsh job markets impact on two active employee populations.

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