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Most general counsel have arrived in their current positions because of their legal knowledge and skills, but the changing nature of the role demands more

The role of the general counsel has evolved significantly over the last decade. Once a function limited to the management of cases, transactions and routine legal work, the position now includes a substantial strategy element — placing the GC in the inner circle of those making the decisions that guide the business. General counsel are expected to run the legal department more efficiently than ever before while also providing new kinds of value to the company through the strategic use of departmental assets. For today’s general counsel to have the impact that large businesses have come to expect, they must transform not only their way of thinking, but the very operation of their departments. The following are some suggestions drawn from leading general counsel to assist in this effort.

1. Start with a vision

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Paul Mandell

Paul Mandell is a founder and the CEO of Consero Group, an international leader in the development of invitation-only events for senior executives in the...

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