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Law firm uses technology to speed up evidence discovery on multi-country level

PIA Anderson used AccessData’s eDiscovery technology to gather evidence for an international arbitration in four days’ time

As the world — particularly the digital one— becomes more focused on cyber security concerns in the wake of Edward Snowden’s leaks about the U.S. National Security Agency’s surveillance tactics and several high-profile hacks in 2014 that led to the compromising of hundreds of thousands of user profiles, naturally, companies of all sizes are concerned about preserving records and confidentiality. Law firms are unique in their cyber-preservation needs as safeguarding intellectual property is of the utmost importance for litigation and arbitration purposes. The security assurance of a law firm’s IP, financial information, and evidence is paramount to a firm’s success. Technology has become available to assist law firms in such capacities, especially as the cyber threats to enterprise- and consumer-base security mounts on an international level.

A recent case involving U.S.-based litigation and transactional firm PIA Anderson found the firm in need of protection of its IP during international arbitration. AccessData, an incident response and cyber security firm addressed PIA Anderson’s issues with its eDiscovery technology that allowed for multi-country collections — something Keith Schrodt, MBA, JD, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy, AccessData noted is a particularly tricky beast: 

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