Sinclair Broadcasting nears settlement with DOJ over Allbritton acquisition

Agrees to divest local ABC station to ensure compliance with anti-trust regulations

In order to inoculate regions from excessive influence, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Department of Justice (DOJ) have regulations that prevent media companies from owning too many properties in any one area. In the case of Sinclair Broadcast Group, which made a $985 million bid to purchase several Allbritton Communication Company properties, the DOJ raised concerns, slapping the deal with a lawsuit in 2013 and halting it pending further investigation.

But the DOJ’s concerns are now one step closer to being assuaged, as the regulator and Sinclair have tentatively agreed to a settlement that divests some stations in the area that Allbritton and Sinclair shared, ensuring there is no communications or advertising monopoly in the region.

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