Dish suggests FCC deny Comcast/TWC merger

Argues the deal would give Comcast too much power

Currently pending approval from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), two telecom industry mega-deals have the potential to change the landscape of television as we know it. Comcast’s buyout of Time Warner Cable is estimated at $45 billion and would give the resulting company the largest market in the United States. Also in the works is a potential merger between AT&T and DirecTV, estimated at around $49 Billion. Perhaps not surprisingly, other entertainment providers have spoken out against theses potential deals, and this week Dish Network asked the FCC directly to block the Comcast deal.

During multiple meetings with FCC members on July 7, Dish, the second largest satellite television provider in the US, discussed its plans to participate in upcoming spectrum band auctions, and aired concerns relating to the mergers. 

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