Huron Legal’s kCREATE facilitates contract creation, makes legal a business ally

Streamlined contract creation means deals close quicker, potentially boosting slaes

For many years the legal department has been seen more as an area of expenditure center than a revenue generator. But as technology that strengthens the synergies between legal and business departments continues to develop, that notion has begun to fade. The most frequent source of that synergy comes from programs and process optimizing software that targets low complexity high volume tasks like matter management and billing, and recently Huron Legal unveiled a solution designed to tackle another common area of focus for the legal team; contract management.

Jeff Catanzaro managing director, of Huron Legal, has exceptional experience in the legal process outsourcing, but for this most recent project, which tasked him with leveraging technology to develop a more efficient the contract process, he sought to create a tool that could be used internally by an organization. The result was Huron Legal’s kCREATE application which was released in June.

With the volume of contracts that Fortune 500 companies need to facilitate on a monthly basis averaging between 30 and 50, any software that can strengthen the process and land deals faster is likely to be welcomed with open arms.  And research conducted by Huron Legal seems to confirm that many legal departments’ views on contract management support the need for more streamlined contract creation and processing.

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