Tinder exec’s sexual harassment lawsuit fuels Silicon Valley’s gender inequality fire

Whitney Wolfe’s lawsuit against former coworkers spotlights the continuous problem of aggression towards women in tech-based fields

The technology industry in the U.S. — particularly the realm of Silicon Valley — has not fared well when it comes to the general opinion of its treatment of women. Vast studies and reports from individual tech giants including Facebook and Google have sparked conversations about why and how to remedy the lack of equality between men and women in tech. The latest in such human rights arguments stems from a hot button dating website called Tinder, and broaches the equality question, extending it into mistreatment of employees.

Former Tinder marketing vice president Whitney Wolfe is suing the popular dating-app company for sexual harassment and discrimination. Filed June 30, Wolfe’s lawsuit alleges that incidents of harassment occurred over a rough period of 18 months beginning in late 2012. She alleges that CEO Sean Rad and the company's chief marketing officer, Justin Mateen, removed her title as co-founder because of her gender, and that Mateen publicly insulted her, including calling her a whore at a company party, while Rad ignored her complaints.

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