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3 easy ways to become indispensable

It is time to wake up; the legal department and the business leaders in an organization are on the same team!

It is easy for in-house counsel to get too comfortable keeping their nose to the grindstone, only coming up for air when they have to attend a meeting or grab some lunch. They’re implicitly saying “look at me, look how hard I’m working — I must be valuable to the company,” right? Not exactly.

That approach ignores the importance of building relationships on a human level. Working with in-house counsel of various levels for many years, I’ve had the opportunity to coach them on some best practices for enhancing their profile and showcasing their value to an organization. Most of that starts with having the right attitude and being skilled at relationship building.

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Monica Zent

Monica Zent is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, businesswoman and attorney. She is the Founder & CEO of Foxwordy as well as Founder of ZentLaw, a nationally-recognized...

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