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5 sports team name changes the Washington Redskins can learn from

After the cancellation of their trademark by the TTAB, the Redskins are at a crossroads. What can they learn from previous teams that changed their names?

Image courtesy of the Washington Redskins

Not long ago, the biggest matter the Washington Redskins had to worry about was whether star quarterback Robert Griffin III would recover from offseason surgery. Now, the team has taken a loss, not on the gridiron, but in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. The team’s trademark was cancelled, and, though owner Dan Snyder is likely to win on appeal, he is faced with a decision. Should he bow to public pressure and change the name, or stick with it? Well, perhaps Snyder can learn something from other teams that have changed their nicknames. Let’s take a look at a few examples and see what Snyder can glean from them.


Stanford Indians

 Stanford University

St. John’s Redmen

Cincinnati Reds

 Cincinnati Reds

Baltimore Bullets

Washington Wizards


Tampa Bay Devil Rays

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