Getting the highest possible value from legal services: Can procurement help?

Challenges sometimes result from working with your procurement department, but they are worth overcoming

A new paradigm has emerged for corporate legal departments and law firms, which poses cultural, operational and technological challenges for both types of organizations. With corporations demanding fiscal accountability from their in-house legal teams and outside counsel firms, procurement departments are being engaged to help law departments leverage the power of data-driven decision-making to source external legal service providers.

All stakeholders — from legal departments to law firms — must learn to address the unique perspective of corporate procurement departments. Success in this environment demands a willingness to compromise, revise or even eliminate long-standing practices in order to operate more efficiently. Ultimately, the goal for the legal department, procurement department and law firms is one and the same: to receive and deliver the highest possible value for the legal services provided.

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David Moran

David Moran, Director of Data Management for Legal Analytics at TyMetrix, is responsible for leveraging state-of-the-art technology to cut through the complexities of managing big...

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