Legal management software aims at simplifying counsel’s bookkeeping

Mitratech is launching a next generation of its TeamConnect legal management software.

As the needs of the legal world change slowly over time — with new compliance requirements and intellectual property challenges among two of the movers of this change — the technology required to deal with these developments also alters. Recent products in the searchable patents market aim at making e-discovery a more manageable process for businesses. Legal management software that meets the needs of a business’ compliance standards, while maintaining secure communications, is vital. 

But part of the problem for legal departments is the usability of management software, its complexity, and its difficult-to-install nature. A few products exist on the market to try to assuage these issues for legal departments; one of them has been newly unveiled from Mitratech, a provider of enterprise legal management solutions with more than 55,000 users in over 140 countries.

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