E-discovery market set to double by 2018

Solutions from companies like Exterro are bolstering the changing legal landscape that is adjusting to new technological needs

The importance and relevance of e-discovery is coming to a head these days as its integration into the legal world becomes intrinsic, especially as e-discovery technology improves. Gartner forecasts that revenue in the enterprise e-discovery software market will grow from $1.8 billion in 2014 to $3.1 billion in 2018, and that revenue growth of approximately 15 percent is expected because of increasing volumes of litigation and regulatory investigation. The research firm’s 2014 Magic Quadrant E-Discovery Software report discusses some of the ways in which e-discovery is changing, and the impact it will have on the legal market in the years to come. The report also names Exterro as a leader in the market as its technology simplifies the e-discovery process. 

Exterro’s software, Exterro Fusion, is built on top of a general-purpose workflow engine and open architecture platform that delivers a set of integration capabilities. Enabling legal and IT teams to negotiate e-discovery through a hybrid system or on-premise provides some options for better management.

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