Deciding if your computer forensics expert is a good fit

He/she should be ready to withstand opposition by a credible expert

In a previous article in this series, I explored when to call a computer forensics expert and the various roles we may take in your case. Since I left U.S. government employment in 1999, I have worked as a computer forensics consultant in civil litigation, both working with and being opposed by practitioners who have entered this field from various disciplines. Early in my computer forensics practice, I could have been opposed by an IT administrator or software developer; later it was more common to encounter practitioners with some computer forensics experience and training. As the field has grown, I now frequently encounter experienced forensic practitioners with significant training and preparation.

Today, it is likely that your computer forensics expert will be opposed by an experienced practitioner. It is important to ensure that your forensics expert is a good fit for your case and the specific issues and technology at hand. In addition, he/she should be ready to withstand opposition by a credible expert.

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Peter Garza

Peter Garza is the managing director of Forensic West, Legal Services at DTI. Garza has worked as a consulting, testifying or neutral expert on hundreds...

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