IKEA in trademark row with hacker site

Furniture giant IKEA goes after IKEAhackers.net for trademark infringement

Image courtesy of IKEAHackers.net

Success breeds a lot of things – contempt, imitation and devoted fans. Some of these can be pretty beneficial. After all, those devoted fans tend to buy products and extoll your virtue to others. But sometimes those fans take their devotion pretty far, and their attempts to honor the brand can cause sticky situations to arise. Such is the case with the site IKEAHackers.net.

The site, founded by a woman known as Jules Yap, takes the concept of affordable, modular furniture to the next level. On the site, Yap gives instructions for cleverly modifying and repurposing (hacking) IKEA products. This seems like the kind of expression of fandom that is popular in, say, the realms of sports or fiction. After all, if people can write fan-fiction stories about their favorite Harry Potter characters or create websites devoted to the minutiae of the Mets middle infield of the 1980s, why not make a site that celebrates the versatility of furniture?

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