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Probate Court next forum for fight over ownership of Los Angeles Clippers

If she gains control of the family trust, Shelly Sterling would have to act in the best interest of all the beneficiaries of the trust, including Donald Sterling, and the selling price of the LA Clippers would need to be fair market value or above.

The Probate Court in Los Angeles will hold a trial next month on Shelly Sterling’s proposal to sell the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion.

Her husband, Donald, who three doctors say is mentally incapacitated, opposes the sale and his attorneys may try to block the transaction during the four-day Probate Court trial which will start on July 7, news reports said.

Looking at the big picture, the two attorneys said there have been increasingly more legal fights involving relatives over trusts in California. It used to put stepparents up against children of a deceased spouse, but now siblings are fighting amongst each other or with their older parents, Gillick said. Often, it becomes financial elder abuse. “It’s vicious,” she adds.

When it comes to this case, Donald Sterling recently called the National Basketball Association "despicable monsters" and "a band of hypocrites and bullies." The NBA has imposed a $2.5 million fine on Donald Sterling, banned him from the NBA for life, and could force him to sell the team in response to a racist rant that was later released by TMZ.

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