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Google admits company needs to improve gender, racial diversity

Google said 30 percent of its employees worldwide are women

Google has admitted it has far more white males among its workforce than women or people of color.

In a recent report, Google said 30 percent of its employees worldwide are women. In addition, 65 percent of its workers in the United States are white. It was also shown that blacks and Hispanics are 3 percent of Google’s technical staff. That includes such positions as coders, engineers or work in management positions. Also, 21 percent of women are in leadership positions at Google.

One person, Jess Hanta, commented on a blog post, the reason there are so few women in the tech industry is because of the “lack of female coding role models.”

“Honestly, I can’t think of a well-known modern day woman in the tech industry. With no modern day female tech role model, is it really likely for many young girls to be interested in the tech industry? Not really,” she said. If women in the “tech industry were to be portrayed in the same light as actresses and singers, I bet more girls would grow up saying, ‘I want to code for Google.’”

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