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Looking at 11 useful mobile apps that attorneys may have never heard of

These free apps can help attorneys find ways to increase efficiency and cut expenses without sacrificing quality

Let’s face it: In this economy the pressure is on for attorneys to find ways to increase efficiency and cut expenses without sacrificing quality. The free apps below can be very helpful in this regard. And while most of these apps are not specifically designed to aid the practice of law, they should nevertheless be included in every lawyer’s digital tool box. Here are the top 11:

1. Asana (Free for teams up to 15) Android; iPhone

4. iTimeKeep (Free) Android, iPhone

It is a simple fact of life that lawyers’ lives are governed by the world of 6-minute time increments that require tracking and diligent recording. As much as we may love our work and our clients, it’s our billable hours that keep food on the table and gas in the car. Most importantly, this app can be integrated with most billing systems.

7. ScanBizCards (Free) Android, iPhone

Even in the 21st Century, exchanging business cards with clients and colleagues is still important for lawyers. With ScanBizCards, you will never have to worry about losing or misplacing a business card again. This app doesn’t just scan and add contacts to your address book, it allows you to use premium features to add calendar reminders, sync all of your devices, and follow up with quick e-mails to potential clients or colleagues you meet while networking. But make sure you inform the person that you have scanned their card before you hand it back, otherwise, they may think you are just being rude.

10. Fastcase (Free for smartphones) Android, iPhone

While the full version of Fastcase requires a subscription, like Westlaw or Lexis Nexis, the iPhone and Android apps are free. The smartphone application is a lighter version of the complete Fastcase service, but it is nevertheless an extremely powerful research tool. It is a great way to do a quick search of recent cases or for pulling statutes when you are out of the office — perhaps during your commute or while you are on a break at the courthouse. Also, many local bar associations offer the full-service version of Fastcase a free benefit for members.

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