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Into Africa (Part 1)

Lawyers from DLA Piper and Boehringer Ingelheim raise the bar for legal writing for law students in Zambia

In the United States, students are given instruction in persuasive writing starting in middle school. They learn skills that they can use later in life as a foundation for the type of legal writing that lawyers are required to craft every day. But in some parts of the world, education in this type of writing in not emphasized and law students from these areas may suffer from lack of explicit instruction, making it difficult even to pass the bar, never mind establish a successful practice.

One part of the world where law students could use a booster shot for their writing skills is in Zambia. That’s why a team of 10 lawyers from DLA Piper and Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) decided to travel to the University of Zambia School of Law (UNZA) in Lusaka to teach a one-week course on legal writing to a group of more than 90 Zambian law students. They also spoke to the female students about striking a work/life balance and gave their students role models to look up to.

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