Changing tides for law school graduates

57 percent of 2013 law school graduates, within nine months of graduation, were employed in a job that requires a bar admission

Remember the “old” days, when graduating from law school meant that graduates were in demand at law firms, and that a bar admission was the ticket to entry?

Those days appear to be over, or at least, on hiatus.

Shetterly said that an important milestone that affected the legal profession, including the jobs available to new graduates, was when the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were amended in 2006 to include the e-discovery amendments.

“I think technology may take away some legal jobs but there are a host of jobs being created, jobs like mine being created to use technology to solve legal problems.  We use that technology to sift through data in ways not possible just a few years ago,” he said.

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Hilary Daninhirsch

Hilary Daninhirsch is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  In 2000, she left the practice of law to raise her children...

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