When a win is not a win

Kickstarter-funded “pocket bra” prevails over a patent infringement case, but fails to garner attorney fees

It’s not quite as intense as the dispute between the terms “bro” and “manssiere” that almost brought characters on “Seinfeld” to blows, but it’s still a big dispute in the highly competitive arena of specialized and functional lingerie. It’s the debate over precisely who invented the bra with pockets in the wings.

Two entrepreneurs from the University of Washington created a business selling the “JoeyBra,” a brassiere with a pocket in the wing, designed for women who are “constantly on the go and struggling to find a place to put their ID, keys or phones.” It seemed like a pretty good product for a specific target audience, but as they developed their business, they ran into a common stumbling block that many new business encounter: litigation.

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