Beasties win copyright infringement suit against Monster energy drinks

Monster to pay out $1.7 million for infringement and false endorsement

Photo: Michael Morel 2007

In hip-hop, where sampling material and mixes comprised of multiple songs are common, copyright and licensing issues have a way of cropping up. The issue is as old as Rick James suiting MC Hammer for snagging the “Super Freak” hook for “U Can’t Touch This,” and comes full circle with Rick Ross filing suit against LMFAO in January for liberal use of a clip from “Hustlin’” in “Party Rock Anthem” (granted, calling LMFAO hip-hop may be a bit of a stretch.)

Even hip-hop royalty like The Beastie Boys are not immune to spats over copyright issues, and on June 5 Reuters reported that the group won $1.7 million in a lawsuit it filed against Monster Beverage Inc. in 2012.

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