The in-house lawyer’s value proposition (Part 1)

The data suggested three things that made DuPont's team unique: business intimacy, resource optimization, and knowledge sharing

Every year, the businesses we advise are required to grow, beat the competition and do it all with sustained year over year productivity. The in-house legal department is no different. It is critical that legal departments — like the businesses they advise — must focus on growing the company, sustaining productivity and beating their competition.

However, it’s not immediately apparent to many in-house lawyers what the “competition” looks like. It is much less apparent why an in-house legal department should focus on beating it. The answer, I believe, is that there are increasingly innovative choices on how legal services can be provided. Our clients ask, and deserve an answer to, the question: “What are you doing to continuously ensure that the work you staff in-house is the best option available?”

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David C. Shelton

David C. Shelton is an Associate General Counsel responsible for leading DuPont’s team of U.S. commercial attorneys and paralegals. Dave is also Legal’s representative on...

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