AFA programs: In name only or for true cost reduction?

Corporate law departments need to invest in the necessary planning, resources, training and technology to ensure AFA success and cost containment

One participant at a recent HBR Consulting corporate law department roundtable expressed his frustration during an alternative fee arrangement (AFA) discussion by scribbling on a napkin, “AFAs are dead.” Contrary to his belief, AFAs are on the rise. Why then is there frustration on both the law department and law firm side when discussing AFAs?

This article continues the series on how a general counsel can create and foster a law department culture that excels in the business of practicing law. Implementing an effective AFA program and managing AFAs are important components of outside counsel management cost containment.

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Colleen Scimeca

Colleen Scimeca has over 15 years of experience as a law department management consultant experience and has worked with over 50 corporate law departments. She...

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