Taking e-billing to the next level with a service provider

Legal teams that have already achieved the first wave of benefits from e-billing should now set their sights on the next level of returns

In the same way that it's hard to remember life before email, legal teams that have implemented electronic billing are already wondering how they ever functioned without it. Legal departments using e-billing solutions have already seen the benefits of automation: faster, more efficient processing and the ability to identify billing anomalies more quickly. Even at a relatively basic level of e-billing usage, most legal departments are likely to see measurable improvements in these areas.

However, far greater strategic advantages await those who tap a capable third-party service provider for e-billing support. With the right help, e-billing enables legal spend analysis at both macro and micro levels, giving in-house legal teams the ability to manage outside counsel spend in new and better ways.

Connie Brenton

Connie Brenton is chief of staff and director of legal operations at NetApp. Email her at connie.brenton@netapp.com.

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