Channeling your inner Olivia Pope (Part 2)

Practical considerations and critical legal issues when scandal involves your company or client

Shonda Rhimes knows how to tell a scintillating and entertaining story and keep us on the edge of our seats every week with the team at Olivia Pope & Associates (“OPA”) on Scandal. Olivia explained in Season 1: “We’re not a law firm. We’re lawyers, but this is not a law firm. We solve problems.” Every now and then, over the past three seasons, we have seen Olivia or Harrison in the courtroom or grappling with legal issues, but as Ms. Rhimes well knows, thorny legal issues surrounding privilege and attorney work product do not hold a candle to elicit affairs, murders and conspiracies to rig an election.

That said, I promised in the first installment of “Channeling your inner Olivia Pope” that I would drill down on the steps outlined in the article, and that requires injecting some law into the discussion which, albeit less exciting, is nonetheless important. My recommendations for channeling your inner Olivia Pope included: (1) preparing a crisis management plan in advance of a crisis and identifying potential crisis management firms for retention; (2) understanding that we serve the business and developing a strategic plan that is consistent with the company’s ultimate goals; (3) assembling a team of gladiators who will follow the playbook; and (4) being calm and focused in the center of a storm.

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Cari K. Dawson

Cari K. Dawson is the chair of the Class Action Practice Team at Alston & Bird LLP. She concentrates her practice on complex litigation matters,...

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