Planning for the inevitable cyber breach

Have a plan in place, but remain flexible

Look out over the ramparts of cyber defense and you’ll see that there are barbarians at the firewalls, an ever-diversifying lineup of hackers, corporate spies and foreign agents hell-bent on compromising the data of your corporation. Add to that the increasing scrutiny that regulatory agencies are applying to those who “allow” their sensitive information to be compromised, and you’ve got a recipe for cyber disaster.

While outright prevention of attacks is impossible, mitigating the effects of a data breach and the reputational damage associated with is something that organizations can aspire to. That being said, it can take a considerable effort to make it happen, and it also requires that corporations embrace this challenging new reality.

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Chris DiMarco

Chris DiMarco, Executive Editor of InsideCounsel magazine, has a background in multimedia production with previous involvement in projects in which he developed and created content...

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