Apple facing class action complaint for lost messages

Complaint alleges that the company intentionally dropped messages when users abandoned the iPhone platform

The data consumption habits of the average American demand constant connection, so when people find out that their friends finely crafted messages haven’t been reaching them; they’re bound to get upset. That’s the crux of a class action lawsuit recently levied at Apple, in which a former iPhone user contends that the company intentionally facilitated the destruction messages sent to her as a punishment for switching to an Android device.

The suit addresses known issues with Apple’s iMessaging platform. Currently, when an iMessaging account is tied to a particular phone number, other iPhones use a specific format to send messages to it, and those devices remember that the phone is an iPhone. However, if a person switches to an Android phone, those same iPhones will continue to send messages using the iPhone exclusive format, which means the new phone will not receive the messages until that association expires. That can take up to 30 days.

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