Buckyballs head emerges from two years of litigation

He will perform a recall of the toys, and is not required to claim that they are a hazard

Buckyballs — the small magnetic balls that can mold into different shapes and are used to relieve stress or for game activities — have been in the spotlight for the last two years for more reasons than just their amusing nature and genius design. The toys have been the subject of multiple lawsuits, amounting to about $57 million in potential penalties for the person behind the invention: Craig Zucker. But Zucker has managed to emerge from two years of litigation relatively unscathed considering the initial potential consequences.

His penalty, ultimately, according to Inc., is $375,000 and a recall of the magnetic toys. He does not have to admit that they were defective or posed threats as product hazards despite many lawsuits involving cases where children ingested the individual magnet balls that then required them to undergo surgery after the pellets connected through their organs.

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