Apple and are among most-sued companies for patent infringement

Apple Inc. and Inc. were the most frequent targets of U.S. patent-infringement lawsuits last year

The number of new patent infringement lawsuits in the U.S. has risen more than 10 percent to 6,092 last year despite a 2011 law specifically aimed at reducing patent litigation, according to a new Lex Machina report. In 2013, Apple and were the most frequent targets of U.S. patent-infringement lawsuits in an increasingly complex legal climate that Congress and the Supreme Court are being asked to control.

Last year, the number of actions increased 12.4 per cent from 2012 despite the America Invents Act (AIA), which was the most significant overhaul of the patent system in decades. Companies including Google, the fourth-most sued, are pushing lawmakers to make changes they say would discourage patent owners who rely on the cost of litigation to extract quick settlements from companies.

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