GCs offer tips on how to deal with increasing regulator pressure

At InsideCounsel’s Global Lawyer Forum, Suzanne Rich Folsom and Tara Lee provided tips for global in-house counsel

Tara Lee, DLA Piper partner and head of cross-border litigation

What is the biggest threat for global in-house counsel and the businesses they represent today? It may not be criminal dealings or declining stock shares, but rather the extraordinary penalties ascribed to companies through by U.S. regulators and regulatory actions taken under statutes such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

At the Global Lawyer Forum sponsored by InsideCounsel in Chicago, U.S. Steel general counsel Suzanne Rich Folsom and DLA Piper partner and head of cross-border litigation Tara Lee shared their experiences on succeeding as in-house counsel in an increasingly globalized world. According to Lee, one of the biggest challenges facing general counsel is the increased role of regulators.

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