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Whistleblower won’t testify before Senate in NCAA hearing

Mary Willingham from the University of North Carolina won’t appear as a witness in the upcoming committee hearings on the welfare of college athletes

Once you have blown the whistle on inappropriate behavior, life can get pretty complicated. Not everyone is forced to flee the country like Edward Snowden, nor do all whistleblowers receive enormous awards for their information. Some merely get the ball rolling and, sometimes, those whistleblowers are less involved in the events they set into motion. 

Such is the case for Mary Willingham, the former academic adviser at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC). She famously blew the whistle on the status of student athletes at her school, noting that some of the Tarheels were reading at a fourth grade level. More specifically, she revealed that 60 percent of the 180 athletes she helped academically read at a fourth- to eighth- grade level and 10 percent of the athletes were functionally illiterate.

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