Kellogg’s settles in Kashi ‘all natural’ lawsuit

Company agrees to stop using term ‘all natural’ as part of agreement

From the Federal Trade Commission’s shut down of Kellogg’s ads claiming that kids who ate Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal do better in school (the study compared them to kids who hadn’t eaten anything,) to POM Wonderful’s suit against a competitor’s blueberry pomegranate juice (which contained approximately an eye-dropper full of blueberry and pomegranate juice,) it seems that regulatory bodies, consumers and competitors are ever more watchful when companies make claims about their foods. 

And Kellogg’s saw more of that vigilance this week, settling a class action suit that stemmed from allegations that it labeled Kashi granola bars in a misleading way. In the settlement Kellogg’s has agreed to drop verbiage on the packages of the bars that claim that there products contain “nothing artificial” and are “all natural.” The settlement also includes a $5 million payment to plaintiffs.

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