Worried about the Internet of Things? Call the Cavalry

‘We Are the Cavalry’ hopes to reduce cybersecurity risk in an increasingly connected world

Our world is more connected than ever these days, and increasingly, it’s not just people who are jacked into the Internet. With the rise of machine-to-machine technology, computers and devices are talking to each other directly, creating what some have dubbed the “Internet of things.” When your car chats with your insurance company, your shipping container pings a tracking computer or your oil tank calls for a refill on its own, these acts contribute to interconnectivity, and create a new level of risk.

All of these connections create security problems. As Scott Taylor, vice president and chief privacy officer at Hewlett-Packard puts it, “If the castle has one door, you have one thing to protect,” he explains. “If it has 50 doors, you have multiplied the potential for vulnerability, especially when those gates are guarded by different people.”

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Richard P. Steeves is Senior Editor and Community Manager of InsideCounsel magazine, where he covers the intellectual property and compliance beats. Rich earned a B.A....

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