Big email: How to effectively find the needle in the haystack (Part 2)

This article in the series discusses the principles of using data mining for finding facts quickly

In Part 1 of this series, data mining was introduced as a new methodology for how legal departments can deal with big email. When matters arise that require legal teams to quickly and inexpensively uncover key facts, data mining can be leveraged as an alternative to the standard e-discovery process. By finding just the small subset of critical data in a universe of hundreds of millions of emails, legal teams can better form case strategy, respond quickly to internal issues, identify compliance violations proactively, and more.

With the basis that data mining is a better way for legal teams to approach e-discovery at the outset of a matter, this article will discuss the principles of using data mining for finding facts quickly.

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David Grant

David Grant is a senior managing director in the FTI Technology practice and is based in New York.

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