Great expectations from IP software integration

The two areas where needs and expectations are greatest are around collaboration and data aggregation

The greater utilization of IP management software has undoubtedly made corporate IP departments and law firms more efficient, saving them time and money and increasing the productivity of internal teams. But that is just a foretaste of the potential benefits to be achieved as software becomes increasingly integrated across the IP lifecycle, enabling stronger collaboration amongst IP stakeholders.

Social networking and e-commerce have been adopted by modern society for the convenience and ease with which they make communication and simple transactions possible. This efficiency of communication is now taken for granted in our social lives - and raises our expectations that IT platforms can similarly simplify our professional lives. Our thoughts transform from “what if?” to “when”.

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David Coster

David Coster leads CPA Global’s enterprise software business, which provides full-service IP software solutions to corporate clients and law firms around the world. David...

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