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The practical logic of advancing the legal department

A cultural attitude of openness can potentially give legal operations an edge

Tanya Vasilev, senior manager of Cisco's legal department

Discussions about innovation in the legal department are often centered on technology, but the ideas and attitudes that support the selection of cutting-edge processes or promote creative approaches to tough problems are just as important as a shiny new technology solution itself.

“Predictive coding [and] technology-assisted review (TAR) might currently be the big thing, but you don't win an award because you purchased a TAR for your legal department,” says Alvin Lindsay, a partner at Hogan Lovells LLP and an expert on technology and litigation.

True innovation is a function of true understanding. Knowing a problem, and knowing the frequently used solutions to solve it, may allow a legal department to rely on already available industry standards, a hybridized solution or a totally new option.

Regardless, focus and planning are still paramount to the process, even when creativity is of potential use.

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