Igniting innovation in utilizing patent assets

IP kindles creativity, but reform threatens to dim the flame

Horacio Gutierrez, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel at Microsoft

There is an old saying that tells us there is nothing new under the sun. And, while that may be true when it comes to storytelling, it is not necessarily the case in the business world. Though we have had cameras, telephones, computers, voice recorders and GPS devices for years, it wasn't until recently that all of those products were rolled up into one device that we could fit in our pockets. So, while the technologies themselves might have been old hat, the way they were integrated together was innovative—that word itself is tricky.

What is innovation, and how does one achieve it? A scientist might tell you that true innovation is born in a lab, while a CEO might tell you that the most innovative business ideas come from the boardroom. True leaders in the IP space, though, acknowledge that intellectual property exists squarely in the intersection of business and law.

Reform vs. innovation

While patents protect the innovative technology that sits at the heart of modern industry, recent legislative focus on patent litigation has thrown a spotlight on the role of the chief IP counsel.

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