Bringing employees on board is essential for compliance strategy

The CCO of 3M shared some insight into how to pinpoint behavioral change for employees when it comes to compliance, instead of just providing information

While compliance cannot be overstated as a vital component of a company’s strategy and structure — particularly financial organization — having a program to ensure a company’s compliance and actually putting it into practice are two different things. Getting employees on board is part of the challenge. But the chief compliance officer of 3M has offered some insight into how the U.S.-based conglomerate has managed to reach employees through its compliance program.

The Wall Street Journal quotes CCO of 3M Jim Zappa, who took on the role of CCO in 2013: “What I think is important for me as a chief compliance officer is: are we continuing to have a proactive impact on our ability to grow the business and still meet all of our compliance and ethical obligations? Because if you don’t do both of those you are putting your business at risk, which is not at all the right thing to do.”

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