Obama to sign orders boosting equal pay laws

The move by the President comes on Equal Pay Day, and on the cusp of the Senate’s Paycheck Fairness Act proposal

U.S. President Barack Obama has been vocal about the need to rectify the pay scale that is negatively weighted against women — despite equal pay legislation having been enacted in 1963. In his recent tours around the U.S., he has spoken of the need to improve upon the unfair pay advantages given to men that persist even with decades of acknowledgement that discrimination based on sex is against federal law. He is now on the brink of announcing official action to boost the enforcement of equal pay laws — particularly regarding federal contractors.

USA Today reports that Obama — on April 8 — will sign two documents that aim at strengthening the existing equal pay acts. One will ban federal contractors from retaliating against employees who discuss compensation, and the other is a presidential memorandum that will instruct the Labor Secretary to work on implementing new regulations that will require federal contractors to submit data on employee compensation to the Department of Labor’s summary.

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